Summer Maintenance of Automotives.

While summer comes in some car systems get over stressed like AC or cooling systems. So you need to take care of them to prevent premature failure. Here are the tips for summer maintenance of your car.
1. Hybrid system: Heat is the greatest enemy of hybrid traction battery, check battery, inverter cooling system fan or coolant performance. Overheating can cause of damage or explosion of battery.
2. Cooling system: Check fan for rated speed & noise. Check radiator for dirt & clogged pins. Check the thermostat for clog or blocked. Use recommended coolant to prevent sludge formation in cooling system.
3. Air condition: Air condition becomes overloaded during hot weather, hence over stresses the engine. Check condenser for clogging & damaged pins. Check ac fans for noise broken blades rotational speed. Check ac gas for proper quantity. Clean cabin filters regularly. Defective AC can damage or seize engine.
4. Engine belts. Check accessory belts for cracked, tear off or chirping noise. Check bearing or bush noises.
5. Wiper: Check wiper blades for plain smooth & softness of edges. Check windshield washer fluid condition. Flush and refill with recommended windshield cleaning fluid. If necessary clean and adjust spray nozzles.
6. Tyre: Since roads become worse in summer due to rain mud and heat. Tyres must be in good condition for proper traction and braking. Check the tyre for treads wear, deformity, run-outs and age. Check recommended inflation pressure.
7. Brakes: Due to rain mud & hot weather in summer road surface becomes slippery and looses traction during braking. Brakes must be in order for safe driving. Check brake oil for water contamination dirt and viscosity. Brake rotors can be heated up to 350°C, high temperature reduces braking effort. Check rotors wall thickness for scoring marks. Check & replace pads shoes and caliper boots in necessary.
8. Oil & fluids: Use summer grade engine oil to extend engine life. Viscosity defendant on temperature so reduced viscosity can damage engine.
9. Transmission oil. CVT and auto-transmission fluids are heat sensitive and greatly looses viscosity with heat. Check and replace auto-transmission fluids with recommended grades.
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