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An ultimate guide before buying a car.

An ultimate guide before buying a car.

Before buying a car it is necessary to consider the factors like purpose of uses i.e family use, school, office, industrial duty, cargo carrying or multi purpose use and seat capacity, fuel capacity, driving environment like city urban highway, traffic conditions etc. Here is a brief discussion of car types and their utility.

1. Small & compact cars: 

 These are basically low engine capacity, economical & fuel efficient 5 seater cars. These are very useful for school duty & small families in the city ride. Due to small length & width these cars are very useful on narrow roads & in heavy traffic areas. Small cars are economical for short distance traveling. 

2. Station Wagon: These are fuel efficient 5 to 7 seater multipurpose vehicles with optimam cargo space. Suitable for family use, school duty, office staff carry, pool cars as well as small cargo delivery. Some station wagons have rear folded seats to increase cargo space. These vehicles are suitable for city, highway as well as urban driving.

3. Sedan: These are 5 seater standard family car with economic, luxury and ultra luxury comport versions. The Engine capacity of sedans varies 1.3 liter to 5.0 litter defending on normal drive to racing version. These cars are suitable for city highways and urban roads too. These cars can be used for school duty, office duty, pool cars, rent a car and family use.

4. Wagon/Club Wagon: These are 7 to 18 seat capacity vehicles suitable for medium to large family, group touring, office staff carry,  Generally these vehicles have low cargo space but seats are foldable and cargo space can be increased if necessary.

5. SUV, Sports Utility Vehicle: Generally these are built for all terrain vehicles equipped with four wheel or all wheel drive. SUVs generally have 5 or 7 seats with luxury seating options. These vehicles have high ground clearance. Rigid body, high engine torque & horsepower. SUV’s have several comfort levels like medium, luxury or super luxury. SUVs are generally built with high engine capacity and high power long lasting vehicles.

6. Pickup Truck: These are single or double cabin motor vehicles with a cargo space in the rear. These are suitable to use in industrial projects where staff & cargo carrying has equal importance. Presently these are mostly used cargo transportation in the city’s urban and rough roads. Pickup vehicles have high ground clearance. Rigid body, high engine torque & horsepower. Modern pickups are built at several comfort levels like economy, medium, luxury.

7. Micro Bus: As it is named a rectangular shape motor vehicle having high seat capacity with no or least cargo space. Micro Buses may have seating arrangements of 9 to 20 passengers. These are suitable for school duty office staff carrying and shooting purposes. Comfort levels of these cars are low compared with wagons & SUVs.

Besides the above vehicles there are several special vehicles like sports & racing cars, armored vehicles, coupes etc.

So when you decide to buy vehicles you must know the vehicle types & their facilities that perfectly match with your utilities. Otherwise you may buy the wrong vehicle. 

Thanks everyone for reading.

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