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Brake Vibration, Harshness & Noise symptoms and their cause & remedy.

Modern Automotive brakes system consists of several electronic, hydraulic and mechanical components. Moving & rotating parts may exhibit noise vibration or harshness if anything has gone bad or misadjusted. Some #NVH are system operating noises like #ABS activation, squealing in cold water mud or snow operation is normal but squealing at medium or heavy brake means something went wrong in brake system.
Here discussed possible brake #NVH in the modern brake systems.

‌1. Rattling noise: This type of noise occurs if caliper pins are damaged or excessively worn out, loose caliper mounting bolts, missing or damaged anti- rattle clips, loose or unmounted hose or tubes, loose brake disc shields etc.

‌2. Continuous squealing noise : These are due to disc brake pad or linings worn below minimum thickness or fixed improperly.

‌3. Continuous grinding noise: These types of noise occurs due to caliper or wheel cylinder piston jammed or pad/shoe worn out or dust shield touches with rotors.

‌4. Morning noise: This type of noise occurs if rotor or drums contaminates with oil grease or mud.

‌5. Brake pedal pulsation: If the brake pedal pulsates at high speed during normal braking this should be due to front rotor run out or excessive play in suspension joints. But pedal pulsation coupled with noise during heavy braking is due to ABS operation & normal.

‌6. Brake Vibration or shudder occurs during padel released: This indicates brake dragging due piston jammed, clog brake hose or tubes.

‌7. Brake Vibration or Shudder when brakes applied: This indicates brake disc or drum uneven, pad & shoe linings uneven or front & rear suspension bushings joints wheel bearing worn or broken springs.

‌8. Clicking noise with applied ABS brakes: This is most likely from ABS hydraulic control unit operation noise.

‌9. Intermittent squealing in cold rain/water mud snow or heat: This is due brake pad operating noise and acceptable.

‌10 Creeping or Groaning noise at light braking: This is normal for brake pads.

‌11. Clicking or Groaning noise at first morning is due to brake pads and it’s acceptable noise.

Further more parking brake cables may exhibit different type of noise in loose or mounted improperly.
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