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Explanation of ADAS levels and step by step developments of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems.

A human can’t see in the dark but a RADAR can, a human can’t see 360 deg. at once but a LiDAR camera can, a human can’t locate or navigate an object behind him but sonar sensors can detect. So these systems are adopted in modern Automobiles to assist drivers to increase driving performance and to avoid driving errors or accidents.

Almost all accidents are caused by human error which can be avoided by ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems). The ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems) consists of several active and passive safety features adopted in modern motor vehicles to assist the driver to improve driving performance. The ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems) can be categorized in six levels.

ADAS Level 0: No Automation. At this level the driver is entirely responsible for driving & controlling the steering, accelerating, braking and slowing down. No automated systems are available at this level.

ADAS Level 1: Least Assistance. At this level of ADAS the vehicle has at least one driver assistance system. For example Adaptive cruise Control which maintains a safe following distance behind traffic ahead without driver intervention. But the driver still monitors and can take control any time.

ADAS Level 2: Partial Automation. At this level the vehicle can perform steering and acceleration. The driver has to monitor all tasks and can take control over automated systems any time.

‌ADAS Level 3: Conditional Automated Driving. At this level of ADAS automated driving can perform in particular conditions and  can take control of all safety- critical systems. Nonetheless when the system asks it the driver is supposed to take control.

ADAS Level 4: High Driving Automation. At this level the automated system is programmed to travel in particular points or roads and restricted to geographic boundaries by geo-fencing technology. This technology is mostly used in driverless taxis or public transportation services.

‌ADAS Level 5: Full Driving Automation. At this level of automation the vehicle itself performs all driving tasks under all conditions. At this level the driver needs to be on ‘self driving’ mode and then zero interaction is required. The vehicle itself drives the car with preset driving conditions like speed limit, acceleration, slow dawn or braking, adaptive cruise control, traction control, lane keeping, cross wind stabilization, electronic stability control, parking, navigation etc.

Though modern Automobiles have all advanced driving assistance systems, but the truth is those systems can’t supersede the human brain and can be out of order any time without notice. Also the road accidents are increasing day by day so these systems can assist drivers only but drivers sense/brain is thousands times more effective than these systems in emergency situations and to prevent accidents.

So please drive safely.

Thanks everyone for reading.

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