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Global weather change and Maintenance of HV, EV, BEV & Hydrogen Fuel Cell Cars in winter.

There are many factors to consider to avoid any possible damage to your Hybrid, EV, BEV or Hydrogen Fuel Cell cars, here are some hybrid maintenance tips for winter.

  1. Check your EV Battery’s Health.
  2. Always Store hybrid cars in shaded areas.
  3. Start regularly to keep the battery fully charged.
  4. Check hybrid cooling fan for clogging.
  5. Check All lights & fog lights.
  6. Check wipers & washer fluid.
  7. Check tyre treads & inflation pressure.
  8. Check auxiliary battery status.
  9. Check brake oil, pad & shoe for wear, any leaks in system.
  10. Hybrid & engine coolant condition.
  11. Check engine and all oils & fluids.
  12. Check exhaust system for clogging.
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